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Klaudia Maciejewska @ Currenda Lab


Currenda Lab

I took part in Krzysztof’s online training. In my opinion training was very well conducted. Techniques that Krzysztof used, the tools and the methods of imparting knowledge were amazing. The subject matter of the training was huge, but I was focused and Krzysztof managed to kept my attention. Krzysztof presented techniques with simple models, which gave amazing effects. I really recommend this course.

Daniel Paluszek
Implementation specialist at Currenda Lab

I was fully focused at every moment of training, conducted by Krzysztof. I understood every next step, which, as we know in online training, can be even more difficult I really enjoyed programming in pairs, in separate rooms. I perceived this training very positively.

Hubert Milecki
Data analysis expert at Currenda Lab

Orange Labs

Zbigniew Koper @ Orange Labs

Zbigniew Koper
R&D Main Specialist at Orange

Prof. Joanna Szyda

Magda Mielczarek

Dorota Inkielman

Konrad Przysucha

Adam Mazur

Jakub Liu

Paweł Obrępalski

Łukasz Sałaciński

Maja Malinowska

Jan Gürtler

Noortan Huzurudin

Marcin Onsowicz

Tomasz Strzezik

Karolina Polakowska

Tobias Seidel

Robert Goldmann

Roni Warken

Aleksandra Koturbasz

Pedro Perez de Ayala

Norbert Marek

Vinzenz Sinapius

Arkadiusz Stefańczyk

It was a pleasure to participate in two-days long Machine Learning training in Python. The training was led by Chris and it covered a wide range of challenging topics in a very limited time. All of that required extensive knowledge, teaching skills as well as high concentration and internal discipline. The workshop was very effective because of well-prepared courseware, good choice of examples and right course pace. There was abundance of interaction with participants. Chris encouraged us to ask questions and discuss constantly. His natural ability to establish a good rapport helped him a lot. Chris is a professional I highly recommend to all who want to become familiar with Machine Learning – not only theoretically, but also practically.

Arkadiusz Stefańczyk
Project Manager at Altar

Ewelina Szczekocka

Dariusz Lesicki

Dariusz Skwarek

Iwona Wojdan

Dr. Johannes Heise

Chris recently held two excellent Python courses at our company. He adapted the contents perfectly to our needs and chose the right pace for everyone to keep up. He gave a lot of opportunities to practice and his answers to questions show deep knowledge of how Python works behind the scenes. I highly recommend him as a Python trainer!

Dr. Johannes Heise
IT Solutions for Animal Production (vit)

Krzysztof Drozdowski

Jagoda Pierścińska

Johannes Richter, Dr.-Ing.

Great course on Django. Chris adapted the course to our personal needs and provided just the right amount of details and exercises. After two days of dense knowledge transfer, everybody left the course highly motivated to get their own Django project up and running.

Johannes Richter, Dr.-Ing.
Software Developer at SCALE GmbH

Marcin Mazurek

Krzysztof Prokopczuk

Dr. Heinz-Günter Kuper

Chris conducted an intensive two-day course on Testing, TDD and BDD in Python for myself and 8 colleagues. Even though we covered a lot of material in a very short amount of time, Chris made sure that no developer was left behind and his extensive knowledge on the subject allowed him to answer a range of questions. The website that accompanied the course was clearly structured and remains a very useful resource. I highly recommend this course.

Dr. Heinz-Günter Kuper
Research and Development at Zuse Institute Berlin

Aleksander de Rosset

Krzysztof Gębal

Very inspiring training. I really appreciate the way Chris managed to walk us through the complex world of machine learning using Python. Good course materials updated real time. Highly recommend.

Krzysztof Gębal
Finance Director at DNB Bank Polska S.A.

Jarosław Turkiewicz

Krzysztof Jasiński


The Python Advanced Training was really interesting. One of the best trainings I had so far. Chris was very open for feedback, considered our interests and needs and dynamically adapted the contents accordingly. He even spent time looking at our code to understand certain problems and questions of ours. Perfect!

Embedded Software Developer at ADRESYS

Rafał Stępień

Łukasz Klentak

Robert Drzazga

Nicolas Leveroni

Chris recently taught a four day class on Machine Learning with Python four our team. The class was very good with the right balance of theory and practice. I cannot think of a better way to give a four day class about such an extensive topic.

Nicolas Leveroni
Head of Krakow Product Control Analytics at HSBC

Rafał Radziwiński

Maciej Kozłowski

I participated Selenium with Python for Test Automation training led by Chris. He proved his in-depth knowledge in this area, definitely he is a passionate. In my opinion balance between theory and practise was optimal. Training material was explained very clearly – Chris is a very good speaker. In most of other trainings I participated, during practical exercises trainer was resting. Chris makes sure no one wastes time – e.g. by asking questions making sure everyone understands task to do, giving hints, if someone stuck, etc. It was one of best trainings I participated, maybe even the best.

Maciej Kozłowski
Senior Software Engineer at Motorola Solutions

Piotr Matejanka

Piotr Such, PhD

My company had the pleasure of working with Krzysztof in 2018. The cooperation consisted in searching for algorithms for automatic scheduling. We are very pleased with the cooperation. Very efficient contact facilitated the transfer of information. We will be pleased to use His service in the future.

Piotr Such, PhD
The owner of APR System

Ivo Modrinić

Dr Mathias Goldau

The Python-Django ecosystem is designed to achieve initial success very quickly. However, as projects become more complex and demanding, it is also essential to know exactly about modern software development techniques, existing modules with their usecases and limits, in order to design, write, and deploy robust, maintainable, and successful code. Chris has acquired a remarkable knowledge in many of these areas and can combine and convey this knowledge very professionally, pragmatically, and efficiently. Additionally, I really appreciated his ability to integrate different learning speeds and his open and transparent style of communication. With his training, my team was able to identify key solutions to implement very demanding non-standard solutions.

Dr Mathias Goldau
Head of Databases at Max-Planck-Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Attila Nagy

Our team enjoyed a lot the Machine Learning course of Chris. It had a good mixture of theory and hands-on exercises. Also, Chris was eager to understand our challenges and he provided us with valuable guidance. I can warmly recommend his trainings.

Attila Nagy
Product Owner at Ericsson

Arkadiusz Baraniecki

Arkadiusz Baraniecki

Well prepared training and reasonably passed knowledge, thanks to which we develop better services.

Arkadiusz Baraniecki
Infrastructure Team Manager at allegro.pl

Tobias Prinz

I took Advanced Django with Chris for 3 days: It was clear, concise teaching and well structured. If I want to get a member of my team ready for Django development, I think Chris offers a time- and cost-efficient way to get them up to speed.

Tobias Prinz
CTO at camping.info

Zbigniew Grzelaczyk

I’ve just finished my first course of Machine Learning in Python. It’s a great method for exploring wealth of information and changing them into knowledge and decisions.

Especially thanks to Chris for his passion that is inspiring to me. Teaching is a thankless job, but he’s really good at it.

Zbigniew Grzelaczyk
Project Manager in Asseco Data Systems
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Bartłomiej Gulej

Very well prepared course. The amount of knowledge passed were huge – we could barely handle it. Also a lot of work involved in preparing exercises on our data, which greatly improved our capability of understanding the topic. We’ll come back for sure.

Bartłomiej Gulej
Senior Business Intelligence Developer at AB S.A.

Mateusz Rakowski

Sławomir Gubernat

Professional approach and friendly atmospere. Trainer is eager to explain and answer clearly for all questions. A lot of prepared materials and excersises help in improving knowledge of programming. I recommend planning of specialized trainings with this company. The contact is quick and definite.

Sławomir Gubernat
Aerodynamics Engineer at MTU Aero Engines Polska

Katarzyna Nyczka

Excellent materials and very flexible teaching approach.

As an absolute beginner in Machine Learning I hesitated to take part in the course. As it occurred Chris has the rare ability to adapt the teaching to the knowledge level of his students.  Very inspiring and encouraging further learning of the subject.

Katarzyna Nyczka
Junior Python Developer

Damian Barczyk

Damian Barczyk

Training with Design Patterns in Python has brought the code to the daily work, which can easily be expanded with new functionality. Very helpful in this training, was the professional preparation of Krzysztof and a lot of useful examples and exercises. Also, friendly atmosphere was conducive to gaining knowledge.

Damian Barczyk
Software Developer at Ericsson

Izabela Wojdyłło

I was attending the Machine Learning in Python training conducted by Chris Medrela and I was very satisfied after completing the training.

Chris represents very open communication with attendees during training, is answering all the questions, is very well balancing among different levels of attendees’ experience in the subject. Definitely posseses thorough knowledge of Python.

After the training you leave with the idea that you know where to look further and how you can develop your skills in the subject.I’m very glad I took this training.

Izabela Wojdyłło
Expert at PKO BP

Rafał Architekt

Well-prepared training with many exercises. Even though we have requested many topics for just 3 days, Chris managed to handle them in a perfect manner. Training was conducted in a friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend Chris as a trainer.

Rafał Architekt
Junior Aerodynamics Engineer at MTU Aero Engines Polska