Individual Support

If you are an IT specialist or employ such professionals, this service is for you if:

  • You want to save time and benefit from the support of an expert in Python, Django, and related technologies. Finally get moving with your tasks, which you may have been delaying.
  • You wish to train yourself or your employees and develop in practice by observing how experts solve your tasks during individual pair-programming sessions.

By using this, you gain access to over 10 years of experience of an international consultant, trainer, and Python programmer who, thanks to high efficiency, has been saving time for specialists for years without much publicity. Such a person can be on your side.

Collaboration Process

Collaboration begins with you filling out an application form at the bottom of the page, after which we arrange a free initial online conversation, which should be completed within 60 minutes. From the first contact, full confidentiality is observed, and if necessary, we can start with signing an NDA. The goals of this conversation are:

  • Establishing mutual compatibility
  • Thoroughly discussing your situation
  • Determining possible actions

If you are an IT specialist, try to prepare one short task for the conversation, which we can either complete together or at least start in 30 minutes. This will be in the form of pair-programming. This way, you can risk-free determine how much this form of collaboration suits you.

Further steps will be presented during the conversation, as they depend on your individual situation.

Form of Collaboration

The primary goal of this form of collaboration is your interest and efficiency in each phase, so we are flexible in this regard. Most clients choose hour packages, which you can use for consultations of any length, often in the form of pair-programming. With such consultations, IT specialists can:

  • Finally move forward with tasks they have been delaying.
  • Have a Python veteran on their side and thus be assured and at peace that they are choosing the right solutions.
  • Learn in practice from your specific tasks by observing experts during pair-programming sessions.

These packages offer you the possibility of prompt and quick response. At the same time, it does not bind your company to long-term agreements with us.

In each case, as a client, you receive a personalized link to a file where you can continuously see the number of hours used so far, ensuring full transparency of billing.

A client sometimes wants to supplement the advice with tailored training, based on sample plans that you can find in the “training” tab.

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