Chris Medrela

Since 2013, I have been working in IT as a programmer, and later also as an international consultant and IT trainer specializing in the use of Python in backend, web applications, Quality Assurance, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Throughout this period, I have been engaged mainly based on the results delivered and the recommendations arising from them.

Clients value me for my effectiveness combined with the ease of collaboration with me. My work today involves both training and advisory activities. I conduct proprietary training sessions, very often tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Many clients also take advantage of my consulting services, which involve practically developing specific solutions, usually during pair-programming sessions with specialists. Together with clients, I work 100% on their tasks and challenges, combining substantive knowledge with my over ten years of experience and creativity. Such support can also be supplemented with training.

This guarantees achieving the best possible results for the client and is the source of a continuous influx of new clients.

Clients I have worked with:

And many other companies that I cannot mention due to confidentiality, including two corporate leaders in the telecom industry.