A workshop targeted to testers of web applications. In this course, participants learn how to control web browser using Selenium and write tests in Robot Framework or Python. Robot Framework is a simple DSL that is easier than Python to learn for less advanced testers. On top of that, participants learn how to work with files, regular expressions and databases.

What will you learn?

  • How to write tests in Robot Framework?
  • How to develop Robot Framework libraries?
  • How to test web applications with Selenium in two ways – with Python and with Robot Framework.
  • How to write tests with unittest library.
  • How regular expressions can be useful?
  • How to work with databases with SQLAlchemy?
  • How to test forms on websites?
  • And much, much more.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Robot Framework

  1. Testing an Example Command Line Authentication App
  2. Test Cases
  3. User Keywords
  4. BDD Style (given-when-then)
  5. Variables
  6. Templates
  7. Setup & Teardown
  8. Using Builtin Libraries
  9. Tags
  10. Working with Multiple `.robot` Files
  11. Creating User Libraries with Python
  12. Good Practices

Selenium in Robot Framework

  1. Testing an Example Web Authentication App
  2. Proper Setup & Teardown
  3. Working with Forms
  4. Selenium Specific Assertions
  5. Good Practice

Basics of Python

  1. Builtin Types: Tuples and Lists
  2. Creating Functions
  3. Assertions
  4. String Formatting
  5. Basics of Object Oriented Programming

unittest Library

  1. Running Tests in Shell
  2. Running Tests in Jupyter Notebook
  3. Setup & Teardown
  4. Assertions
  5. Skipping Tests
  6. Subtests

Selenium in Python

  1. Testing an Example Web Authenticatino App
  2. Navigating
  3. Locating Elements
  4. Working with Forms
  5. Cookies
  6. Assertions
  7. Implicit & Explicit Waits
  8. Proper Setup & Teardown

Advanced Python

  1. Error Handling
  2. Builtin Types: Strings & Dictionaries
  3. Writing Command Line Tools
  4. List Comprehension

Working with Files

  1. Managing Filesystem
  2. File Handling Principles
  3. Processing File Content
  4. Processing .csv Files
  5. Converting Apache Access Logs to .csv File

Regular Expressions

  1. Regexp Syntax Cheat Sheet
  2. Basic of Regexp Syntax
  3. Extracting Data with Unnamed and Named Groups
  4. Quantifiers
  5. Character Classes
  6. Parsing Apache Access Logs

Accessing Databases

  1. Connecting to a Database
  2. Defining and Creating Tables
  3. Inserting new Records
  4. Sessions
  5. Bulk Insertion
  6. Rolling Back Transactions
  7. Querying
  8. Ordering & Limiting
  9. Filtering
  10. Composing Filter Conditions
  11. Basics of Aggregation
  12. Relationships
  13. Queries with Joins
  14. Deleting Records
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