My name is Krzysztof (Chris) Mędrela. I’m IT Trainer and Consultant specializing in Python.

I conduct custom in-house workshops and training in Poland and rest of Europe. The courses are held in Polish, English or both languages.

I work through training companies and as an independent trainer.

I delivered workshops for international and Polish corporations and public sector, including, among others:

  • Nokia
  • Ericsson
  • Motorola
  • Allegro
  • AB S.A.
  • Office for National Statistics
  • Aarhus University

How it works?

  1. Before every workshop, we do discovery call and we analyze your needs to find the most suitable option. I limit the amount of clients I work with, so that I’m not overbooked. I’m time flexible and I can accommodate to the clients’ needs.
  2. Every workshop is customized, so that you can gain as much as possible in as little time as possible.
  3. After the workshop, each participant gets my contact information (email and phone number) and free support, so that I can help you in case of any issues, questions or obstacles.

About me

  • Software Developer since 2013. Trainer and Consultant since 2016. Speaker at conferences.
  • Certified Instructor of both Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry, leading international training organizations helping scientists and researchers. Certified in 2016.
  • Open Source contributor and creator of System Check Framework introduced in Django 1.7 in 2014.

PyWaw #74 Talk

This is my last talk I did. It was at the meeting of local Python community in Warsaw – PyWaw #74.

Your coworkers tell you that Test Driven Development is a silver bullet, yet nobody uses it at your company? In this live coding session, I’ll explain TDD from ground, show why it’s impractical in most cases and… discuss why learning it is still very beneficial in your daily job.



Reasonably passed knowledge.

Arkadiusz Baraniecki

Well prepared training and reasonably passed knowledge, thanks to which we develop better services.

Arkadiusz Baraniecki
Infrastructure Team Manager at

It was clear, concise teaching and well structured.

I took Advanced Django with Chris for 3 days: It was clear, concise teaching and well structured. If I want to get a member of my team ready for Django development, I think Chris offers a time- and cost-efficient way to get them up to speed.

Tobias Prinz
CTO at

I recommend cooperation with Mr. Krzysztof to people responsible for the development of employees’ competences

Mr. Krzysztof has provided professional support and advice while implementing competence development program for our engineers. The program covered advanced programming topics in Python and was designed according to blended learning approach. As a person responsible for managing this program, I had a possibility to take part in dedicated consultancy sessions with Mr. Krzysztof and gotsystematic feedback from him during the whole program. That helped us to design the program according to our expectations. I particularly appreciate trainer’s suggestions how to improve program implementation and design similar initiatives in the future. High personal culture, excellent communication skills, flexibility of the proposed solutions and the ability to transfer knowledge – these are the advantages that participants of our program particularly pointed out. I recommend cooperation with Mr. Krzysztof to people responsible for the development of employees’ competences, especially to those who care about promoting evidence based learning.

Hanna Kutrzeba Stogińska
Competence Development Manager at Nokia

We’ll come back for sure.

Very well prepared course. The amount of knowledge passed were huge – we could barely handle it. Also a lot of work involved in preparing exercises on our data, which greatly improved our capability of understanding the topic. We’ll come back for sure.

Bartłomiej Gulej
Senior Business Intelligence Developer at AB S.A.

Professional approach and friendly atmospere.

Professional approach and friendly atmospere. Trainer is eager to explain and answer clearly for all questions. A lot of prepared materials and excersises help in improving knowledge of programming. I recommend planning of specialized trainings with this company. The contact is quick and definite.

Sławomir Gubernat
Aerodynamics Engineer at MTU Aero Engines Polska

With his training, my team was able to identify key solutions.

The Python-Django ecosystem is designed to achieve initial success very quickly. However, as projects become more complex and demanding, it is also essential to know exactly about modern software development techniques, existing modules with their usecases and limits, in order to design, write, and deploy robust, maintainable, and successful code. Chris has acquired a remarkable knowledge in many of these areas and can combine and convey this knowledge very professionally, pragmatically, and efficiently. Additionally, I really appreciated his ability to integrate different learning speeds and his open and transparent style of communication. With his training, my team was able to identify key solutions to implement very demanding non-standard solutions.

Dr Mathias Goldau
Head of Databases at Max-Planck-Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

A lot of useful examples and exercises.

Damian Barczyk

Training with Design Patterns in Python has brought the code to the daily work, which can easily be expanded with new functionality. Very helpful in this training, was the professional preparation of Krzysztof and a lot of useful examples and exercises. Also, friendly atmosphere was conducive to gaining knowledge.

Damian Barczyk
Software Developer at Ericsson

I highly recommend Chris as a trainer.

Well-prepared training with many exercises. Even though we have requested many topics for just 3 days, Chris managed to handle them in a perfect manner. Training was conducted in a friendly atmosphere. I highly recommend Chris as a trainer.

Rafał Architekt
Junior Aerodynamics Engineer at MTU Aero Engines Polska