I conduct in-house training on Python, Design Patterns, Testing and Machine Learning in Europe in English or/and Polish. I work indirectly through training companies and directly as an independent trainer. My clients are satisfied because of:

  • Customisation. Clients save time and make the best use of available training time, because I analyse what topics to focus on and what to leave during the training.
  • Easy of cooperation. Clients don’t have to worry about the training, because it’s fire and forget. No need for multiple calls with training coordinator, then the trainer and so on. One call is enough to analyse clients’ needs, customise the training and agree on all conditions.
  • 3-months free phone support after training. One 5-minute call can save programmers a lot of time when they are stuck. I help them by fixing quick issues, suggesting different solution or pointing to available blog posts, books and other resources.

I invite you to contact me even if it would not lead to business cooperation. I believe it’s worth talking with wise people, which I do with many people for the benefit of both sides.

Training Offer