Training: Basic Python

Recommended Duration 3-4 days (minimum 6 hours + breaks each day)
Requirements programming skills in any programming language
Intended Audience programmers with no or little Python experience
Language Polish or/and English

This workshop is intended for programmers switching to Python from other programming language as well as technical people without previous programming experience. This workshop can be paired with Advanced Python Course.


  1. Introduction to Python
    1. Syntax
    2. Builtin Primitive Data Structures and Collections
    3. Flow Control Instructions
    4. Exceptions
    5. Functions
    6. List Comprehension
  2. Object Oriented Programming
    1. Introduction to Classes
    2. Class and Instance Attributes
    3. Single Inheritance & Polymorphism
    4. Duck Typing
  3. Python Standard Library
    1. Working with Files
    2. Persistence with pickle Library
    3. Working with Operating System
    4. XML and HTML Processing
    5. Processing CSV Files
    6. Regular Expressions
    7. Basics of Testing with unittest
    8. Writing Command Line Tools
  4. Python Idioms and Good Practices
  5. Tools
    1. Packet Manager (pip)
    2. Interactive Console (ipython)
    3. Jupyter Notebook
    4. IDE (Pycharm or Visual Studio Code)
    5. virtualenvs
    6. Python 2 vs Python 3

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