UI Mockups Update

Last time, I’ve proposed UI of the new AMY functionality that helps managing instructor trainings. In this blog post, I propose new mockups with example use cases.

It’s easiest to describe new functionality if we start from two main webpages. One shows all training applications. Another one let you see list of all trainees along with their progress – who passed/failed what.


Click here to see the screenshot.

At the bottom of this webpage, you can see section named “Actions” for different kind of bulk actions. For example, if you want to match a few trainees to a training, all you need to do is to select trainees using checkboxes on the left side, choose training event using autocomplete field and, then, click “bulk match people to training”.

On the right side of the table, you can see an “i” letter in a circle. This icon moves to another webpage with details about one particular training request. At the bottom of the this webpage, you can see a section like this one:

When you have a new, pending application, the first thing that you want to do is to match the application with a Person in AMY and accept this application. You can select an existing Person that should be matched with the application or let AMY create a new record. AMY suggest a Person if their email address or name match.


Click here to see the screenshot.

There are two major features. One is that you can see progress of each trainee. One progress entry represents one passed or failed discussion or demo session, homework submission or completion of instructor training. You can edit entry by clicking on it. You can create a new one by clicking “+”. When you edit or create a new entry, this form is displayed.

Another feature is “bulk add progress to selected trainees” section. This is basically the same form as the one used to create or edit a new progress entry, but here you can select many trainees.

For example, when you finish discussion session, all you need to do is to ask trainees to log into AMY. By default, all trainees are sorted by last login time, so trainees who attended your session should be at the top of the list now. Then, you select your trainees using checkboxes at the left side, select “Discussion Session” from “requirement” list and click “bulk add”.

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