End of GSoC - Summary

Google Summer of Code is ending. In this post, I sum up what have been done this summer. The main objective was to implement instructor training workflow in AMY.

Instructor Training Workflow

As part of the workflow:

  1. Wanna-be SWC and DC instructors apply for an Instructor Training individually or as a group using training request form.

  2. SWC and DC Admins match applicants to trainings.

  3. Trainers run Instructor Trainings.

  4. After the training, trainees need to fulfill additional conditions to become certified SWC or DC Instructor. These requirements are:

    • Doing homework, which is usually contribution to core lessons in the form of i.e. GitHub pull request.

    • Participating and passing Discussion Session.

    • Successfully teaching one of topic from core lessons for five minutes during Demo Session.

  5. Once a trainee fulfills all conditions, Admins award them Instructor badge and generate certificate for them.

New webpages

If you look at new AMY views, you can see, that there are three new webpages:

  1. List of all applications (training requests) – let Admins manage applications, match them with trainings and create AMY account for applicants. To cut the long story short, this webpage is used for every part of the workflow before instructor training is run.

  1. List of all trainees – let Admins manage everything after running instructor training.

  1. Trainees can now log into AMY and check their status and progress of becoming instructor in trainee dashboard:

Additional links

You can see list of all my commits to AMY here.

Hidden blog posts

I’ve cleaned up this blog and hidden the following posts about AMY development:

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