Training: Creating Advanced Web Applications in Django

Recommended Duration 3 days (minimum 6 hours + breaks each day)
Requirements Python and Django skills, recommended Introduction to Creating Web Applications in Django
Intended Audience Python Developers with Django experience
Language Polish or/and English
Main Technologies Django, Django Debug Toolbar, wkhtmltopdf, django-tastypie, Django REST Framework

In this workshop, participants are given a simple web application. They implement new features as more and more concepts are introduced.


  1. Testing
    1. Doctests
    2. Unittest
    3. Running Tests
    4. Code Coverage
    5. Functional Tests
  2. Internationalisation
    1. Translating Templates
    2. Generating Locale Files
    3. Using LocaleMiddleware
  3. Generating RSS Feeds
  4. Creating PDFs with wkhtmltopdf
  5. Admin Panel
  6. Permissions
  7. Working with Multiple Databases
  8. Django & AJAX
  9. RESTful Services with django-tastypie or Django REST Framework
  10. Custom Authentication Backend
  11. Caching
  12. Deployment

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