My name is Krzysztof Mędrela. Please call be Chris if it’s easier. I’m IT Trainer and Consultant specializing in Python.

I conduct custom in-house workshops and training in Poland and rest of Europe. The courses are held in Polish, English or both languages.

I work through training companies and as an independent trainer.

I delivered workshops for international and Polish corporations and public sector, including, among others:

  • Nokia
  • Ericsson
  • Motorola
  • Allegro
  • UBS
  • AB S.A.
  • Office for National Statistics
  • Aarhus University

If you’re interested in cooperation or you have any questions, please contact me.

How does it work?

  1. Before every workshop, we do discovery call and we analyze your needs to find the most suitable option. I limit the amount of clients I work with, so that I’m not overbooked. I’m time flexible and I can accommodate to the clients’ needs.
  2. Every workshop is customized, so that you can gain as much as possible in as little time as possible.
  3. After the workshop, each participant gets my contact information (email and phone number) and free support, so that I can help you in case of any issues, questions or obstacles.

About me

  • Software Developer since 2013. Trainer and Consultant since 2016. Speaker at conferences.
  • Certified Instructor of both Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry, leading international training organizations helping scientists and researchers. Certified in 2016.
  • Open Source contributor and creator of System Check Framework introduced in Django 1.7 in 2014.

PyWaw #74 Talk

This is my last talk I did. It was at the meeting of local Python community in Warsaw – PyWaw #74.

Your coworkers tell you that Test Driven Development is a silver bullet, yet nobody uses it at your company? In this live coding session, I’ll explain TDD from ground, show why it’s impractical in most cases and… discuss why learning it is still very beneficial in your daily job.